What is a warranty, and how long should it last? Well, to start with a warranty is not a service policy, like you purchase for a TV or washing machine, agreeing to fix whatever goes wrong, for any reason.

A warranty is your guarantee that the proper high quality parts, along with accurate machining and fitting and expert craftsmanship will result in a product that will perform and endure very much like a new unit.

Outboard motors are two stroke reciprocating motors. This means the pistons and rods makes two strokes (up and down) per turn of the engine. Most of these motors cruise around 4,500 revolutions per minute (RPM), which translates to 75 revolutions per second (RPS) or 270,000 revolution per hour (RPH), resulting in 540,000 strokes per hour. In a little over 3 ½ hours, the rotating parts will have turned over 1 million times, and the pistons and rods will have completed 2 million strokes.

With so many parts moving at such a frantic rate, trouble comes immediately if things are not assembled properly, or if a problem occurs in the fuel, cooling or lubrication system. It is for that reason we break in our motors 2 hours before shipping or installing them. It is rare to have a built-in problem to show up after break-in. With that in mind, realize that failure after 1 or 2 years (certainly 3 or 4or 5) is probably due to something that “came onto” the motor, Not something “built in”.

The more common causes of powerhead trouble or failure, not the only ones:

  • Old Fuel
  • Dirty Carburetors or Filters
  • Plugged or Compromised Cooling System
  • Maintenance Related or Poor Electrical Components etc.
  • Improper Fuel and Oil Mixture
  • Overload Due to Wrong Propeller Size

Knowing your powerhead probably failed from one of the above causes, we are determined to find the reason of failure, so as to not repeat it.

We don’t offer a 5 year or lifetime warranty, like some of our competitors. We feel that creating a false sense of security with unrealistic warranty promises is at best misleading, usually resulting in the customer being denied warranty coverage, on the grounds that the problem wasn’t covered. Troubles after a period of a year or two are almost always not the motors fault.

We offer 1 year 100%, on our rebuilt powerhead.

We will act fairly, courteously, and quickly to resolve any troubles you might have – we want your referrals and your business in the future.


Hrs. 1-2: Trolling speed-under 2,000 rpm. Vary speed.

Hrs. 3-4: Under 4,000 rpm. Vary the speed (bring on a plane for a few minutes and off a plane.)

Hrs. 5-6: 4,500 rpm. Vary the speed.

Hrs. 7-8: Under 5,000 rpm. Vary the speed.

The first 8 hrs: Mix the oil 40:1, for a 50:1 Fuel/oil mix motor.

After the 8hrs: Go to a 50:1 mix. If this is an oil injected motor mix fuel at 100:1 during the first 8hrs. of running time. Then, verify that the oil injection is working by making sure a normal amount of oil has been used from the oil tank, before using oil injection alone. Use TCW-3 grade oil and good (FRESH) Gasoline-(Less than 2 months old.)

Thereafter: Use at any speed but avoid continuous wide open speeds until 20 hrs.

Important: Please note that we bore and hone engine blocks ourselves, and hand fit for exacting tolerances. Our rebuilt powerheads are not built ‘loose’, like mass produced factory units. Therefore, it is very important to follow our break in schedule. Disregarding the break in instructions will likely result in piston seizure, resulting in mild to major damage! Engine damage or failure caused by running the motor too fast too soon will not be covered by warranty, and this type of damage is easily detectable by compression testing or visual inspection.

Thank you for your trust in our work. Your efforts given to regular maintenance, using good oil, fresh fuel, and regular use, in addition to proper break in should result in years of dependable engine service. This is pleasure boating!

Remember: The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. Please keep in touch; most problems are best handled fresh. This is imperative if the motor has water intrusion, from a complete or partial submersion, blown gasket or water in fuel. If the motor does not run correctly, always check the spark plugs for signs of water. If water is suspected, call immediately. If in doubt, call!

Maintenance tips:
Every six months or fifty hours: Change lower unit oil, grease all zerks, carbon treatment, check zincs, inspect steering and controls, batteries and connections, fuel filter, lines, prime bulb, propeller, and boats general condition.

Every year or one hundred hours: Also change water pump, clean carburetors or main jets, change spark plugs, change fuel filter, inspect all systems ,hull, transom, trailer, etc.


Florida Residents

1. You call, get a price quote and are given prices UP FRONT with and without usable cores, and a time schedule.

2. We schedule a pickup for your powerhead, get contacts and directions. Standard time for rebuild or remanufacture is 7-10 business days.

3. We pickup the powerhead, return it to the shop, tear it down and contact you with the condition of the crank and block, thereby locking in the completion price, if not already agreed upon.

4. After your authorization the motor will be remanufactured, and test run. This is and extensive test run. The motor will be checked for even power output per cylinder (contribution test), spark energy, fuel pump function, charging system output, thermostat function etc. If any peripheral parts are found to be faulty, usually electrical parts, you will be contacted to authorize replacement.  Only after passing strenuous testing, and two hours of break-in, the rebuilt powerhead is signed, dated, and wrapped, ready for delivery.

5. At a scheduled time your powerhead will be delivered and installed, test run and approved.

6. Then and only then payment is expected, no money up front. Your county sales tax will apply.

7. Should you require WARRANTY SERVICE, we do not require you to come to us. (Doesn’t seem fair.) We come back to you. This is a service only we provide. However, you will need to wait until we are in you area, usually within 2 weeks. Also, sometimes we can solve problems over the phone or by sending a minor part by United Parcel Service (UPS).

8. We know that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.

Non Florida Sales

1. You will need to remove your powerhead, or have it removed, crated, and shipped to us. Use a re-usable crate. We can arrange for discounted shipping. We may be able to coach you regarding removal of your powerhead, and re-installation.

2. You and your motor will receive the same treatment as Florida residents, and after completion your motor will be returned in the crate in which it came, tested and tuned, ready to go.

3. Shipped motors must be either prepaid or sent COD.

4. You must pay the shipping